Arsa Fitness Wrist Wraps – 18″ White Marble


White Marble 18″ Wrist Wraps

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  • PERFORMANCE GRADE, HEAVY-DUTY – Built for the strongest, and for the one who wishes to perform. Arsa Fitness, weight lifting wrist wraps are tested by powerlifters, to ensure stability, and to keep protection during lifts such as jerks, cleans, bench press, and curls.
  • 18″ LIFTING WRIST WRAPS FITS ALL-, Arsa Fitness wrist wraps are true to length. You can use these 18-inch wraps to ensure a tight fit while maintaining blood flow to your hands. Unlike other brands that become too stiff.
  • THE MOST AFFORDABLE ON THE MARKET: Don’t let money come in the way of you and your performance, that is why we have priced our wrist wraps just perfectly to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the size, comfort, grip, and style of their wraps.
  • 5 STAR SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are renowned in the market for providing great quality, for an affordable price. Whether that is the most expensive, or the cheapest wrist wrap, ours are yours to choose from!!


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