Arsa Fitness “Polaris Tundra” Lever Belt


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  • THE PREMIUM 10MM THICK GENUINE LEATHER BELT YOU NEED: This Arsa Fitness power lifting lever belt features 10mm thick belt, with ample support for any lifter. This weightlifting belt will provide you with the highest amount of back support while maintaining your posture, and keeping your lifts at their maximum potential!.
  • LEVER MADE FROM STAINLESS STEEL AND MATTE COATED: This lever belt is not only of top notch quality from the finest leather, but the lever locks into place securely allowing for you to feel safe, and content with your heavy compound lifts. This durable lever is not only fully adjustable, but once you are locked in you will feel powerful and safe. Safety is our key, and this is why we provide with an adaptable lever.
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR BACK SUPPORT: A thickness of 10mm and a height of 4″.Allowing for you to feel not only stable while performing any exercise, but also allowing you to stay agile.
  • RUSTIC BOLTS: The rustic bolts give the lever belt a rustic vibe, and a look that is unmatched in the industry.
  • SIZING CHART: Our sizing works as follows XS – 27-32| S – 29-33 | M – 32-36 | L – 35-39 | XL – 40 – 46 | 2XL- 43-49
  • Enhance performance
  • Firmer leather than previous productions
  • Breaks in after several uses
  • Stiff leather to give optimal performance during the most strenuous lifts.
  • The camo design, and sleek edges are crafted by hand, and dyed to give the leather an impeccable shine and longevity.
  • No tears, wrinkles, or rips, due to our imported coating material.

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