Hello. You have stumbled upon Arsa Fitness. You might be wondering, what we are, where we come from, and what the hell does Arsa mean.

All questions will be answered. Arsa or Arza means a capital fortress, or a defended fortress in the Illyrian language. The Arsa Fitness Family is nothing less than a defended, and strong family, getting work in day in and day out.

This company was started in September of 2019 with the idea of the company coming from Mash-hud Hussain, and Mamoor Hussain, his younger brother, shortly branching off this idea and bringing it into life. From our very first 4 variations of lever belts, to our now 20+ different products from our pre-workout to our lifting straps, it truly is a dream come true to see the company doing this well.

We first started selling on Amazon by shipping to the fulfillment centers ourselves, we started making sales there, so we opened up our website as well, and now we are looking on to take the supplement industry.

We are based in South River, New Jersey, right at the heart and soul of New Jersey.

If you would like to ask us any other questions feel free to contact us via email at: arsafitness@gmail.com